Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Landscape Photography Tips Video: Creative Composition

Watch video here :                    

In this short 5-minute video, Jim Harmer walks through the steps to create a stunning landscape photo.  Follow Jim as he takes a landscape picture on the beach in Naples, Florida and then takes the photo home to post-process the image using Lightroom 3 and Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw.

Creative photography tip for landscape photographers. Using a long exposure to show foreground movement in waves will create a sense of depth in your photos. The image is taken and then processed in Lightroom 3.

Photography Tips from this Video:

Photography Tip #1: Consider placing a foreground element very close to the camera.  This will add depth to the photo and draw the viewer into the scene.  Whenever you compose a landscape photo, remember: FOREGROUND, MID-GROUND, BACKGROUND.

Photography Tip #2:  If you’re near water, you can use the waves as a foreground element by using a slow shutter speed and using the motion blur to add interest to the photo.

Photography Tip #3: When the sun is about to rise, or right before the sun sets, there is hidden color in the sky that isn’t yet pronounced.  If you capture these delicately lit scenes in a RAW file, then you can bring out the hidden color in Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw, or in Lightroom 3.

Photography Tip #4: Using a tripod for landscape photos will make the fine details in the foreground more clear and sharp.

Photography Tip #5: Don’t get locked into only shooting from eye-level.  GET DOWN LOW to shoot landscapes!